Cottontail Path, Dandy's Rainbow

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Colorful scene of Dandy Bunny enjoying the beauty of the rainbow during the rain. Handcrafted in the USA 3/4" thick wood by Cat’s Meow Village.


Dandelion Bunny, known to his friends as Dandy, loves his umbrella home when it's raining outside.  

FURRiends are like rainbows, always there to cheer you up! 

Casper, our black mascot cat, is PURRty clever waiting out the rain in the back of Dandy's umbrella home!  He is the sign of an authentic Cat's Meow! 

We handcraft this keepsake from 3/4" thick wood with colorful details on the front and a short description on the back. 

When flowers start blooming and bunnies start hopping, you know that Easter is just around the corner.

Dandy's fits together with all the other Cottontail Path Collection. You can buy it alone, or buy the others that fit together to tell the Cottontail Path story.

Amanita's and Dandy's shown how they look sitting together.