Casper SkeloCAT w/fish Mascot, 3/5" Tall | The Cat's Meow Village

Casper SkeloCAT w/fish Mascot, 3/5" Tall

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Casper our mascot really does have a backbone! He's all ready to go for Halloween with his skeleton attire!. Handcrafted in Wooster, Ohio by The Cat's Meow Village.

3.5 X 3.5

What does Casper really look like inside? We have the down-low!

Even though he denies eating that fish, we have the evidence now!

Our Casper skeleton includes glow-in-the-dark, so when you turn out the lights you can still find him!

We handcraft him of 3/4" thick wood painted black and skeletonized in white and glow. 

He's our official mascot and can be found everywhere in our Wooster, Ohio workshop!