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CA Mission Santa Barbara, California

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Mission Santa Barbara, CA. Handcrafted in the USA 3/4" thick wood by Cat’s Meow Village.


As 10th Mission on the El Camino Real and coined "Queen of the Missions," Santa Barbara dates back to 1786 when it was established by Father Lausen.  It was named for a young girl who was killed by her father for not renouncing her faith.

Built by Chumash Indigenous people, Santa Barbara's ornate Roman Temple facade and twin bell towers have made it famous for its architecture.

Unlike other missions, Santa Barbara was never allowed to lapse into decay because it was the only mission to remain under Franciscan authority since its inception.

The irragation system and bustling nearby port made Santa Barbara one of the busiest missions still to this day.

This ¾" thick wooden replica is handcrafted in the U.S. to reflect its historical features. It can set neatly on a shelf, wainscoting, or window/door trim to remind you of this special place you've visited or dream of visiting someday.  A short description is written on the back. Look for Casper, our mascot black cat, taking up residence within the design. This is the sign of an authentic Cat’s Meow!