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CA Mission San Jose, Fremont, California

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Mission San Jose, Fremont, California. Handcrafted in the USA 3/4" thick wood by Cat’s Meow Village.


San José filled a void for those traveling from San Diego to the mission at San Francisco.  Father Fermin Francisco de Lasuen dedicated this mission in 1797, honoring the earthly father of Jesus, Saint Joseph. Many of the indigenous people resented the missionaries and saw them as intruders. Battles between them and Spanish occurred sporadically in the vicinity of the mission. But San José was able to cultivate success within its walls.  Father Duran, who served the mission for 27 years created an acclaimed indigenous orchestra, complete with contrabass and uniforms for the members. Father Duran was also a military strategist and was father president of the mission chain for three terms.

Mission San Jose is the 14th mission created on the El Camino Real.

Look for our black cat, Casper, perched on the stone wall of the mission. He's our official mascot, which means you'll possess an authentic Cat's Meow.

We've crafted this keepsake from 3/4" thick wood with colorful details on the front and its story printed on the back. Made in the USA.