North Pole, Holly Lane Gate

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Add this North Pole Holly Lane Gate to your holiday decor this year. It's handcrafted by The Cat's Meow Village in Wooster, Ohio, just a sleigh ride from the North Pole. (we secretly work for Sants, shhhhhh)


These brick towers gallantly guard the west entrance to the North Pole. by way of Holly Lane.

The added glittery snow brings the North Pole feels right into your home.

Wouldn't this Holly Lane Gate + some others in my North Pole collection add the purrfect touch to your holiday decor?

Printed on the back:

Holly Lane Gate is welcoming you,
When you enter the Pole from the west.
The feeling you get as you pass on through,
Makes your heart feel the best.

I design 2 to 3 new North Pole pieces every year and when they sell out they're gone forever. So, you shouldn't wait too long if you want this building.

We handcraft it from 3/4" thick wood in Wooster, Ohio, just a quick sleigh ride from the North Pole.

Look closely, and you'll find Casper, my black cat mascot, perched on the roof watching for Mrs. Claws to pass through on her way home...which means a nice warm soup will be served very soon.