Rotch House-Victorian Home

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Cat's Meow replica of the Rotch House located in New Bedford, MA


William Rotch and his wife were so impressed with the cottages they saw while honeymooning on the Hudson River that they had to have a Gothic Revival cottage of their own. Rotch asked Alexander Jackson Davis to construct the house, which was completed in 1846. the Rotch house was built from wood and covered with horizontal shiplap painted to resemble Stucco.

This victorian home is handcrafted in the USA from 3/4" thick wood. We print the colorful details on the front and the back includes a written history. Group this home with other victorian Cat's Meows to create a cozy little village of your own. You can set it on a mantle, shelf, or dresser, or perch them on wainscotting or the trim above you window or door.