Love My Team! 3/4" thick (Football) Shelf Sitter, PURRsonalize Me! | The Cat's Meow Village

Love My Team! 3/4" thick (Football) Shelf Sitter, PURRsonalize Me!

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I Love my Team! Arizona

This snowman is 3/4" thick to set on a desk, shelf, windowsill, etc.

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It's time to add your personalization to this 3/4" thick shelf sitter snowman. Add the biggest fan, your name, or an inside joke in 10 letters or less. 

It’s the season to cheer on your home team, even if your home team is states away. Now grab a cup of hot cocoa, cider, or a frozen glass of beer and scream as loud as you can… “I LOVE MY TEAM!”  Since you love your team, you need a Love My Team Snowman shelf sitter.

Each design cheering (GO TEAM, GO!) is made with fun colors, cozy warm clothing, and don’t forget flags or pom poms. All it needs is the teams biggest fan added to this design. 

We handcraft each design in the USA from ¾” thick wood. Look closely to find our crazy sports fancatic mascot, Casper cheering on your team.