White Head Lighthouse, Tenants Harbor, ME

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Wooden Cat's Meow Village keepsake of White Head Lighthouse

Penobscot Bay, Maine

This White Head Lighthouse located on White Head Island, Maine is handcrafted from ¾” thick wood in the USA. This quaint design adds a feeling of pleasant remembrances to your home décor. The colorful printed details on the front also include our famous black cat trademark, Casper, either sitting or reclining.

  • Set it on your mantle
  • Tuck it into your shelf
  • Place it on your desk
  • Perch it above a window/door
  • Great on wainscoting, too
  • Group it with other Cat’s Meows to create your very own Village.

Abbie Burgess assisted her husband, Isaac Grant, at White Head Lighthouse from 1872 until he died in 1875. Abbie was then appointed keeper of the light and maintained her post until she died in 1892. Today the lighthouse is active with adult enrichment programs: http://whiteheadlightstation.org/welcome.html