Down East Maine Map, Maine

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Cat's Meow Village map of Down East Maine representing the culture and lifestyle of the region.


Down East Maine reflects a layed back state of mind along this beautiful stretch of coastline in northern Maine. Here you will find the first national park east of the Mississippi, Acadia National Park. Over 70% of the nation's wild blueberries come from fields in this region. It's a land formed by glaciers, filled with undeveloped forests, picturesque rivers, craggy coastline and abundant wildlife.

This handcrafted ¾" thick wooden map was created to show significant points of interest. The back includes a few more written details relating to the map. Set your keepsake map in a prominent location like a shelf, desk, wainscoting, or door/window trim. Look for our black cat, Casper sitting or reclining in a comfortable spot on this map.