The Canals, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Add this scene of an Amsterdam canal to your home decor to remind you of your trip to the Netherlands. Handcrafted in the USA by The Cat's Meow Village.


Amsterdam's unique design offers a one-of-a-kind experience for visitors.

With a population of 851,000 people and over 3.5 million foreign visitors, each year the 84.68 square miles that make up Amsterdam can seem very lively.

The best way to see Amsterdam is on one of their 800,000 bikes, but be careful, around 10,000 bikes get dredged out the canals each year!

If exploring by bike, the 1,500 bridges connecting the 90 different islands don’t give you the right perspective, why not take a cruise and explore a few of the 165 canals that stretch 60 miles around the city?

Who knows maybe you’ll find a houseboat to make your summer home!

We handcraft this canal scene from 3/4" thick wood with colorful details on the front and a short story on the back.

See Casper on the back of the bike? He's our black cat mascot who shows up on every Cat's Meow.

Add this scene to a bookshelf, desk, windowsill to remind you of that awesome trip you took...or the one you want to take one day.