Raccoon Hollow Post Office

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Hope your mail didn't get lost at the Raccoon Hollow Post Office! Handcrafted with glow-in-the-dark surprises by The Cat's Meow Village and made in the USA.


We can't put our finger on it...but there seems to be a lot of lost mail at the Raccoon Hollow Post Office.

Is it the local raccoons who've taken up residence or the ghosts? And where's the Postmaster, anyways!

Casper fled to the upstairs window to keep a safe distance from all the shenanigans happening around the post office lately. And he's really worried where the dog is who left his lease on the front porch!

So, I hope you're not sending any important mail to Raccoon Hollow unless you don't mind it lost or laying around somewhere.

I found this 37166 zip code while searching for a real Raccoon Hollow on Google Maps. It's actually Smithville, TN where Raccoon Hollow is part of the Edgar Evins State Park (purrfect raccoon territory).

Add this handcrafted shelf-sitter to your Halloween decor this year. We craft it in our workshop in Wooster, Ohio from 3/4" thick wood.

When you turn out the lights you'll discover some glow-in-the-dark secrets all over this post office. Maybe that's where the answer lies?