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Halloween, Buzzard Express, Engine

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This Cat's Meow Village Buzzard Express engine is part of a 5-piece Halloween train set. We handcraft it from 3/4" thick wood in our Wooster, Ohio workshop.


Engineer, Buzz Ninetoes, has been drivin' this train on this same route for more years than he can count. In fact, he's looking forward to his Centennial Employment Anniversary next year.

There may be a few cracks on his engine, but he always delivers on time...every Halloween.

This Buzzard Express Engine is the first piece in our 5-piece Buzzard Express train collection pulling into the Spooky Nook Train Depot. You'll want to get your paws on all five pieces to add to your Halloween decor! 

We handcraft it out of 3/4" thick wood with colorful details printed on the front and the Buzzard Express logo on the back. Casper, our black cat mascot, is eyeing the tracks for mice tails and rabbit feet.

Made in our Wooster, Ohio workshop...under the cover of night...shhhhh, don't wake the engineer, it's not time to leave yet.