Edge of Town Antiques

Wooden shelf sitter décor of the Edge of Town Antiques handcrafted in the U.S. by The Cat’s Meow Village

This Edge of Town Antiques is handcrafted from ¾” thick wood in the USA. Add it to your home décor to remember a place in time or your dreams of travel. The colorful printed details on the front also include our famous black cat trademark, Casper, soaking up some sun in the window.

  • Set it on your mantle
  • Tuck it into your shelf
  • Place it on your desk
  • Perch it above a window/door
  • Great on wainscoting, too
  • Group it with other Cat’s Meows to create your very own Village.

Just at the edge of town, on the west side, you'll find the best antique shop around. Something for everyone who takes the time to forget the world and explore.