Garden District Chalet-Victorian Home

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Cat's Meow replica of a Garden District Chalet in New Orleans, Louisiana


A Society referred to as the Garden District emerged after the Civil War in New Orleans.

For at least a decade after 1865, the Garden District was a social hodgepodge. The architectural styles of many homes reflected the diversity. Cuthbert Bullitt was a trailblazer with this flamboyant Swiss chalet.

This victorian home is handcrafted in the USA from 3/4" thick wood.

We print the colorful details on the front and the back includes a written history.

Group this home with other victorian Cat's Meows to create a cozy little village of your own. You can set it on a mantle, shelf, or dresser, or perch them on wainscotting or the trim above you window or door.