Blue Ridge Parkway Map

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Blue Ridge Parkway, Great Smoky Mountains, Shenandoah, Appalachian Mountains, North Carolina, Virginia handcrafted wooden keepsake by The Cat's Meow Village


This ¾" thick wooden map was created to show significant points of interest along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

The back includes a few more written details relating to the map. Set your keepsake map in a prominent location like a shelf, desk, wainscoting, or door/window trim.

Use this map to share stories or history with the children and family in your life.

Conceived and designed as a scenic motorway, the 469-mile route was the country's first, and ultimately the longest rural scenic parkway.

This Depression-era public works project began on September 11, 1935, and took 52 years to complete, using labor from the Civilian Conservation Corps, Works Progress Administration, and private contractors. "America's Most Scenic Drive" combines awesome natural beauty with pioneer history as old homesteads and split-rail fences complement spectacular views of nearby valleys or distant mountains. The Parkway links the Shenandoah and Great Smoky Mountain National Parks.

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