Cozy Cottage @ The North Pole

Wooden 3/4" thick shelf sitter of Cozy Cottage for your seasonal decor handcrafted in the USA by The Cat's Meow Village

The North Pole story has been unfolding for years around The Cat’s Meow Village. Creator, Faline Jones, conjures up 2 to 3 new North Pole shelf sitters each year from the creative depths of her mind.

2016 North Pole set shown together

The story continues in your home, too, when you add this Cozy Cottage to your holiday décor.

Innkeeper, Cozy The Dog, sits on the front porch at dusk making sure all the elves make it into their warm cozy beds. If you visit the Pole, Cozy's got a very special room for the very peak of the Cottage.

Our North Pole pieces are always covered in glitter, because, well because Faline likes glitter! And look closely for our trademark black cat, Casper, perched on the porch railing making sure no mice sneak in the house.

Handcrafted of ¾” thick wood with colorful printed details and glitter on the front, and a poem about Cozy on the back. Enjoy!

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Here's a photo of Cozy's Cottage all decorated for the 4th Of July! Faline and her daughter, Grace, were treated to a beautiful week stay in this [airbnb] home with gracious hostesses, Carol Ann and Cozy. If you are ever in the Hudson Valley, NY area, you need to stay in the Sweet Suite in Millbrook!