Cat, Maine Coon - Brown Tabby, PURRsonalize Me!

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Maine Coon - Brown Tabby cat by The Cat's Meow Village, PURRsonalize Me! Item
3.125" x 2.5"

PURRsonalize Me! We can print your cat's name on the suitcase as shown in our example. Type your cat's name in the NAME box, then click "Add to Cart".  Leave the NAME box blank if you don't want your cat PURRsonalized.

What cat doesn’t make a random suitcase its newest perch? This Maine Coon - Brown Tabby cat perched on top of the suitcase is printed in colorful details on 3/4" thick wood. The back includes our trademark logo with the words When The Cat’s Away. Measuring 3.125"x2.5", this piece is the perfect size to set on a small shelf, add to your home decor, perch on a windowsill, or proudly display on your work desk.

When The Cat's Away