Calico Cat Patchworks Quilt

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Wooden shelf sitter of the Calico Cat Patchworks quilt shop. Handcrafted in Ohio in 3/4" thick wood.


What quilter wouldn't want to stop into this store for an afternoon? Mmmmmm, can you smell the fabric just thinking about it?

I designed this Calico Cat Patchworks Quilt Shop with all my quilting furiends in mind! And of course, there's a calico cat quilt block hanging on the store...just in case you need some help finding it.

We handcraft this quilt design in 3/4" thick wood with colorful details on the front and a short story on the back.

See Casper, our black cat mascot? He's waiting on the porch just for you!

Add it to all the other QUILT BLOCK items we've created to make your very own make-believe world!

Made in the USA in our small workshop.