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United States

From sea to shining sea, the United States Of America encompasses 3.8 million sq miles of land. Her 50 states not only include 48 contiguous states, but also Hawaii, in the Pacific Ocean and Alaska in northwest North America. The center of government is located in Washington DC a federal district near the east coast. America has a very diverse population of 317 million people, the third largest population in the world. The current version of the “Red, White & Blue” Flag of America has flown over the “Land Of The Free” since 1959.

What makes America great? The park systems which encompass more than 100 million acres and enchant us with their scenic wonders, profusion of beauty in the wildflowers, and abundant wildlife; the people, a melting pot of so many cultures; regional diversity; historical expeditions like that of Lewis & Clark; the labyrinth of road systems that opens our country to endless possibilities; or is it our history, spanning the birth of our nation, from internal unrest, to becoming a world influencer?  Whatever your opinion, the fact is, America is beautiful - from sea to shining sea.