Shoo Fly Quilt Tree

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Cat's Meow Shoo Fly Quilt Tree

The Shoo Fly Quilt pattern dates back to the early/mid 1800’s. This nine-patch pattern uses a combination of squares and triangles around a central square. One interpretation of the Shoo Fly name explains that the center square represents a house or barn door through which flies enter….shoo fly!
This Shoo Fly quilt was inspired by quilt block wall hangings created by the mother of our "money man" Chris. She taught quilting classes, and one of her favorite quilt patterns to use in class was the Shoo Fly design.
This quilt tree is handcrafted in the USA from 3/4" thick wood with a colorful rendition of the quilt on the front of the piece and a description printed on the back. It sets neatly on a mantle, shelf or cabinet, or perch it on the molding above your door or window. Add it to other Cat's Meow pieces to create your own little village.

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