Flying Dutchman Quilt Barn

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Flying Dutchman quilt pattern printed on a barn


The legend of the Flying Dutchman dates to 1641, when the ship, so named, sailed unexpectedly into a storm, crashed on the rocks at the Cape of Good Hope and sank. The captain of the ship was not ready to die and released a curse, saying, "I will round this Cape even if I have to keep sailing until doomsday."  This quilt design appeared during the 1840 Presidential campaign. Why, we don't know, but this beautiful pattern, though named after this tragic event, does not conjure up fear, but beauty. Made of Flying Geese units, look closely, can you see that ship sailing round and round?

This quilt barn is handcrafted in the USA from 3/4" thick wood. It is printed with a colorful design on the front and historic info on the back. Add it to other Cat's Meow designs to create a village of your very own. Set them on a mantle, shelf of dresser, or perch them on wainscotting or the trim above your door or window.

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