David & Goliath Quilt Barn

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6" x 3.75"

Religion and quilting was such a vital part of the lives of our ancestor's that the ladies designed quilt blocks to portray passages from the Bible.

They would use the blocks as visuals while sharing Bible stories with their children.

Quilting Bees have become popular social events at many churches.

The church ladies get together to quilt, and then sell the finished quilts to raise funds for ongoing ministries in the church.

The David and Goliath quilt block pattern was designed to portray the biblical story of brave David found in I. Samuel 17.1-58.

We handcraft it from start to finish in our small workshop in Wooster, Ohio from 3/4" thick wood that can perch on a shelf, windowsill, or the trim above a doorway or window.

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