Carpenter's Wheel Quilt Barn

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Carpenter's Wheel Quilt Barn, quilts, America's back roads, underground railroad

5.5" x 4"

The Carpenter's Wheel pattern originated as part of secret language sewn into quilt blocks to aid African slaves in their escape through the Underground Railroad prior to 1860.  

The quilts were hung out on clotheslines or fences in full view to display their messages.  

The Carpenter's Wheel Quilt symbolized to the slaves their reliance on religion, specifically Jesus, the master carpenter in their lives.  

The dark patterns in the quilt block pointed in a specific direction that would lead them to safe harbor.

We handcraft it from start to finish in our small workshop in Wooster, Ohio from 3/4" thick wood that can perch on a shelf, windowsill, or the trim above a doorway or window.

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