Amish Wagon With Pig

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Amish man taking his pig to auction day. Handcrafted in 3/4" thick wood by The Cat's meow Village in the USA.

4.5" x 2"

This Amish keepsake, created from 3/4" thick wood, sets neatly on a shelf, wainscoting, or window/door trim. The front design portrays daily life in the Amish community surrounding The Cat's Meow Village in Wooster, OH. 

Market or auction day in Kidron, Ohio or Mt. Hope, Ohio brings a flurry of activity that fills these towns for most of the day. These are the days that the Amish come to town to buy, sell, trade and catch up on local news. You just never know what you will see when you visit market/auction days!  The surrounding English community also participates on these days, from bringing truck loads of hay or straw, to selling and buying livestock. Small vegetable and nicknack vendors usually surround the auction activities.

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