Alteration Fee

Find Your Interest


Sure can, we can do this for you! You need a color changed or slight alteration to match your cat/dog much closer?

Follow these instructions:

  1. Add this item to your order along with your PURRsonalize Me! cat/dog item you want us to tweak. Let us know in the Personalization Box the item# or name of cat/dog you want us to tweak.
  2. Write your tweak instructions in the Comment Box during check out. Or send us a PURRsonalization Alternation email if you don't want to describe your alteration in the "Comment" box.

This is used for slight tweak to the design including any color changes

We love when we can alter one of our designs slightly to match a beloved pet for you!

However, please understand, this fee covers a few slight tweaks to our design. If we need to make more than 15 minutes worth of changes, we will contact you, as it will be an additional charge.