Learning Resource US States Edition

Hello Neighbor
Let's go on a Great American Roadtrip!

Did you know you have over 330 million neighbors all across America that live in interesting places just like you? 


This page is filled with printable color & black & white U.S. States (taken from our State Map designs) + activity sheets to learn more about where you and your neighbors live and play.




Oh yes, look for Casper, my black cat mascot, hanging out in every State! He loves to share your memories of home, school, and places you've visited.



1) Click on each colorful State Map Postcard below to print it on 8.5" x 11" paper. The 2nd page is a black & white version for coloring.

2) Scroll waaay to the bottom where you'll find Activity Sheets to use with your map printouts.

3) Here's an Instruction & Answers Sheet for parents, grandparents, and teachers.




Enjoy your time exploring the U.S.A!

Find Cat's Meow souvenirs for each state.







Here are some activity worksheets you can print to go with your State Map Postcards. (Back To The Top)


Print this postcard on the back of your State Map Postcard to write a letter to a parent, teacher, or friend.


Pick a Puzzle Template (hard or easy) to print on the back of your State Map Postcard. Then cut on the template lines to create a puzzle. (Bonus idea: make puzzles out of several State Map Postcards, then mix all the puzzle pieces to make it more challenging to put together)


Print this State Map Q&A sheet to answer questions about your State Map Postcard. 
Same questions on both sheets, first sheet includes writing guidelines for early elementary students.


See how much you know, print this Famous American Matchup Game. (Answer key is included with Parent/Teacher Instruction Sheet)
First one is American Women, second one is American Men.


Print these Game Cards on 6 sheets of cardstock or paper, then play games from our ideas page or make up your own games.

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