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Fundraising, awards, alumni gifts - the sky is the limit on how you can use our 3/4" thick wooden keepsake of your school.

We can recreate your school buildings, mascot, logo, stadium, school buses, marching band, etc. You simply upload the photo or colored drawing along with your story for the back on the next page.

Within two months you could be raising funds or handing out awards with a uniquely purrsonalized wooden miniature. The front shows off your building in colorful details, while the back includes your story, the way you want it shared. (Oh, there's also our black cat trademark, Casper, taking up residence on your design, ensuring it's an authentic Cat's Meow!)

Paw through some examples here, then when you are ready, click GET STARTED!


Our order was just delivered by FED EX and I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am with the final product. You all have been so helpful, so nice, so expedient, and so honest in my dealings with you. -Lynn, LHS Reunion Committee

We offer you two different ways to place your order
I am prepared to provide photos and details, with an order quantity and payment to complete my order today.
I can provide photos and details today to get our design started, but will need to take preorders to determine the final quantity to order.