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Are you ready for a different way to create awareness of your organization? Do you need a special recognition or thank you gift? Or how about a new fund-raiser that's authentically yours?

We can solve your varied needs with our hand-made 3/4" thick wooden keepsakes. Look around you at the buildings, signs, and landmarks that hold local significance...even your logo. Imagine wooden miniatures of them going home in the hands of your clients/speakers/visitors.

You provide photos and a purrsonal story for the back, and within 6 weeks or so, you'll open a box of freshly crafted miniature replicas with a colorful print on the front and your story on the back!

Look through the examples here of items already created by organizations like yours. Then start our step-by-step ordering process by clicking the GET STARTED button. We're here to work with you.

Read what a Fire Dept. did with Cat's Meow.

We started [ordering] the [Cat's Meow] miniatures to raise funds to pay for the 1000 [local history] books when they arrived. And we had the money! The miniatures and [history books] work well together! We have sold more than 700 histories now! And lots of [Cat's Meow] miniatures! -Evelyn, Riparian Womens Club, Emporia, VA

We offer you two different ways to place your order
I am prepared to provide photos and details, with an order quantity and payment to complete my order today.
I can provide photos and details today to get our design started, but will need to take preorders to determine the final quantity to order.