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If You Don’t Know The Cat’s Meow Village -

We're a small company born in Wooster, Ohio in 1982 from one simplistic wooden house handcrafted by owner and creator, Faline Jones. Over 30 years later, Jones continues to design "little wooden buildings" of local, national, and international landmarks to the enjoyment of folks who want to remember [or dream of] places that touch their hearts.

"Cat's Meowers" add these 3/4" thick wooden keepsakes to their home decor...from perching them on top of window and door trim to tucking them into their bookshelves or creating a themed display on their fireplace mantle. You can see a few home displays here.

And what's with the cat? Faline grew up on a dairy farm, which also meant as many cats as there were dairy cows! She incorporated her love of cats into her village by adding a black cat trademark to every design. This cat, in either a laying or sitting position, is fondly known as Casper (a tribute to one of Faline's cats).

Today, our workshop with a crew of 18 enjoy "traveling the world" as they handcraft and ship Cat's Meow replicas of landmarks around the globe. Now what could be better than traveling the world each day while we work?


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