What You Don't Know About Cat's Meows

We snuck under the "Caution - Contruction Site" tape

with a video camera to capture rare footage of our building process. 

Put your safety helmet (or at least ear plugs) on and come along. Keep an eye out for a "little" surprise, too!


On Site During Village Construction from The Cat's Meow Village


We're proud to say we're an American company! 

For over 34 years we've been crafting Cat's Meows that add a unique touch to home decor and help keep memories of places and times alive. 

Our processes have changed through the years, but our foundation hasn't. We help people celebrate and share the stories of their lives.



Every year for Christmas I get one or two gifts from our daughters that make me cry. This past Christmas one of those was our house! I am amazed at how perfect it is, just from a photograph! The colors and details are right on. I'm so glad I started collecting Cats Meow 30 years ago. Keep up the extraordinary work!
Thanks for your kind words Dotti. We love when our product makes someone cry! Because that means it touched your heart. Thanks for being a 30 yearer, too!

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