Wayne County Courthouse Renovation = New Cat's Meow Replica

What takes 10 months to renovate but just 10 hours to replicate?

When the scaffolding and black construction screens went up around our local Wayne County Courthouse, we did some renovating of our own Cat's Meow courthouse replica.
Being a local Wayne County business for 40 years, we had created a wooden Cat's Meow version of the courthouse many years ago. But this big renovation project gave us the opportunity to update our own design to sell to locals and visitors alike.
The large-scale courthouse project took 10 months to complete. During the last of those months, we pulled out our previous design and started our own renovating. 

Designing from photos and color swatches is Key!

Contractor documents provided us with the exact colors being used in the restoration project. And after a visit to the local paint store, we were ready to get started on our 10-hour project.

Our designer worked from photos we snapped just as the scaffolding came down, to make sure all the historical details were correct on our final wooden keepsake.


We ordered the wood cutouts from our local supplier, then waited in anticipation for delivery. As soon as they arrived, our crew of "construction expurrts" applied the colorful details on the front and edges.

The back includes a written history of the courthouse.

Every courthouse, along with every Cat's Meow piece that leaves our workshop, includes our black cat trademark, Casper, within the design. If you look closely, you can see Casper found a warm sunny ledge on our Wayne County Courthouse to catch a catnap for the afternoon.


Here's the final replication shown with our original "outdated" courthouse design.


On the first sunny day after the scaffolding came down, Cat's Meow owner, Faline Jones, posed to grab a photo with the "grand old lady" in the background!

This courthouse is available for sale online and at the Gift Corner, located just a block south of the courthouse.


For 40 years, we've been recreating historically accurate wooden keepsakes for cities and towns across the United States.
These keepsakes are used to:
  • commemorate milestones
  • celebrate significant dates in time
  • give to visiting dignitaries
  • promote community pride
  • raise funds 
  • and more....


With wood and paint and a little love, we handcraft all our products in our small workshop just outside Wooster, Ohio. We'd love to work with you to create an affordable Made In The USA keepsake!




If you are new here, I am Faline Jones, creator and founder

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Has anyone requested having the Bellefontaine, Ohio courthouse made? It has recently completed renovations. The Opra House is undergoing renovations now and the entire downtown district is being revitalized. I haven't been back since my mother passed but follow Bellefontaine & Logan County Facebook pages. It looks wonderful & hope to visit this summer to check things out. Not what it was when I was a little girl, but it's wonderful to see it booming again. There used to be a gift shop, Peach Tree I believe, that sold Cat's Meow pieces. That's where I bought my first one. Bellefontaine is also known for having the first concrete street in America (Court Street) & the shortest street in America (McKinley St). I think all of these could be of interest. Just an idea.
Alice, this is a perfect example of a "renovation" project. Indeed, we did create a lot of Bellefontaine Cat's Meows for a local store years ago, who's since closed. This is an opportunity to find either another local store, or historical society, or even Facebook group to offer updated keepsakes to. We will check into this further.

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