PURRuse 20+ Historical Replicas

This week we are participating in the Boston Museum Show hosted by The Museum Store Association. We’ve been sharing (on social media) a small selection of Cat’s Meow keepsakes we create by partnering with museums, parks, historic societies, and preservation groups. 


I want to give you a little more in-depth look by sharing with you the video we’re showing at the Museum Store Show.


It’s our way of showing museum store buyers what we can do for them, plus it’s always so fun to see our replicas in the wild! 




In this video, you will see…


We partner with parks, museums, historical societies, and preservation groups in two ways:

1) we create their replicas only for them to sell

2) we offer them on our website, too.

Each partnership is a unique relationship.


I hope you enjoyed seeing this behind-the-scenes glimpse of how some of the historic Cat’s Meows you purchase become reality.


Purrs, Faline



pssst - If you are looking to collect more historical pieces head on over to our U.S. Travel By State, or Find A Retailer pages.


pssssst - And, be sure to pop over to Instagram or Facebook where we share replicas and history almost daily!



We handcraft all of our keepsakes in Ohio from ¾” thick wood with detailed front designs and written descriptions on the back. They can be set neatly on a shelf, desk, or narrow ledge such as wainscoting, window, or door trim.

Group them with other Cat’s Meows to create your own little Village!

Look for Casper, our black cat mascot, sitting or reclining within the design. He's the sign of an authentic Cat's Meow souvenir replica.



If you are new here, I am Faline Jones, creator and founder

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