Personal Home Brings Warm Memories

Gail Wood of Dighton, Massachussets has 175 Cat's Meows that she has purchased over the years. "My niece gave me my first one, its a flower shop from 1983. At the time we had a black cat and I just fell in love with them", says Gail.  "When I started to collect I just collected any that I liked, then I started to collect only places I had been. My favorite is my new one, My House."  

Using the "My World" program through Cat's Meow Village, Gail submitted a few photos and a completed order form that included the very special words she wanted printed on the back. She received information about the My World program in the Cat's Meow Newsletter that she subscribes to.

Eight weeks later, Gail received her "purrsonal" home in the mail. Gail says, "I love my Cat's Meow of my house. I lived there for 47 years with my husband and two children." She recently sold the home after the passing of her husband. She continues, "Looking at the Cat's Meow of my house gives me so many memories. I have it on my mantle."

This house holds more memories than just those of the Wood the description on the back says:

Back description written by Gail for her Cat's Meow purrsonal home

Gail recalled that many years ago she had seen the offer for creating a My World version of her home and always felt sad that she didn't take advantage of the offer. She doesn't have to feel sad any more! She now has her very own Cat's Meow home that reminds her of over 40 years of special memories!


This was my home, it is so nice to have a Cats Meow to look at and enjoy. I think everyone should have one. Gail Wood

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