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Nancy From Minnesota Shares

My sister-in-law in Minnesota had started collecting dozens of Cat's Meow back many years. Most went along a ledge my brother put in throughout first floor. My Mom and I stared collecting them from different parts of California and other states. She passed away from Breast/Bone Cancer, year 2000. I have her collection. My husband and I have found them Hershey, PA for my love of Chocolate, State of WA, Atlantic City Boardwalk and Cape May, NJ. Picked up Halloween Meow's from the Christmas Tree Hill, PA store.

Many moons ago, I started my girlfriend by giving her a few buildings for her birthday. She fell in love with them and started collecting a piece here & there. Every birthday, for my sister-in-law & girlfriend, I've been sending a piece of her collection of accessories or a structure. My Mom loved the accessories, making a whole town, the Christmas collection, under her Christmas Tree. Many happy memories are in each Little Black Cat Insignia.

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