Local Boy Scouts Visit Cat's Meow | The Cat's Meow Village

Local Boy Scouts Visit Cat's Meow

A local Boy Scout troop visited Cat's Meow Village for one of their elective activities, to learn how the employees at Cat's Meow create all those famous keepsakes. Owner and creator, Faline Jones, shared with the boys and their parents the history of Cat's Meow and how the company has been part of the Wooster community since 1982 when she started hand-stenciling Cat's Meows in the basement of her home.

The boys were eager to get their "hands dirty" after Mrs. Jones demonstrated how  the Cat's Meows come to life through the process of screen printing. Each color on a keepsake is screen printed by hand one-at-a-time until all the layers of colors create the final image. She explained how her screen printing employees spend many hours in training to learn the fine art of this ancient printing process.

Afterwards, the scouts gathered around Mrs. Jones at the screen printing table to see the process in action. The biggest treat of the evening was when each boy got to screen print his very own Cat's Meow keepsake of the Boy Scout insignia. Parents and scouts alike were very interested in what happens behind the scenes at Cat's Meow and asked Faline many quesitons while enjoying a light snack.

Mrs. Jones never turns down an opportunity to share the making of Cat's Meows with the children of the community. When asked why she likes children to visit her factory, she simply replied, "because children soon turn into young adults who will be contributing to the world, and I think it's important to expose them to all the kinds of work there is in the world before they start making long-term decisions for their lives."



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