Librarian Creates U.S. Map With Cat's Meow

Marcia Hosfeld, a librarian for 27 years at Shreve Elementary, is known for her love of learning.

When she gets an idea in her head, she is almost obsessed in creating the perfect interactive for her students. A handful of years back, that obsession started with an empty wall space on the third floor hallway of the school, a husband, and Cat's Meows. 


An introduction creates the obsession.

Even though she lived in Wooster, where the Cat's Meow factory is located, Marcias first introduction to Cat's Meow Village was in Virginia Beach while visiting her sister. So as the empty space begged to be filled, Marcia came up with a plan. Why not create a huge wall version of a United States map, and attach Cat's Meow Village state maps for the students to interact with? 


Marcia posing with her Cat's Meow US Map


Marcia's idea gets 2-Paws Up & lots of help.

The principal gave the project a thumbs up, and Marcia's husband started building. But Marcia had the daunting task of coming up with 50 Cat's Meow state maps. She first wrote to us describing her idea and we gave her 6 free states to get her project off the ground. Then along came teachers, friends, businesses and even complete strangers to help her complete her huge US Map.

"A teacher at school bought and donated a Cat's Meow of the state map where her daughter lived," Marcia recounts. "Then local businesses started donating so I could complete my project. While I was at a local Cat's Meow store presenting my idea, complete strangers heard me talking and donated to my project. The outpouring of help was amazing."


Today, the map is conveniently located on the wall inside the library door.

Marcia says, "It's a giant focal point, it draws the kids and teachers right in. The kids love it. They learn so much from it." Marcia goes on to explain how the kids will stand in front of the map and point to the different Cat's Meow states while sharing that a grandmother lives there, or they took a vacation here. Still, after all these years of hanging on the wall, the kids never grow tired of looking at it and interacting with all the Cat's Meow state pieces.


What a wonderful way to use Cat's Meows!

Do you know of a unique way Cat's Meows have been used? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below!

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