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Lauren Designs & Prints TShirts @ Cat's Meow

When 17 yr. employee, Chris, decided to take his family to Disney World for vacation,

he and his wife, Shannon, quickly made the decision to create matching tshirts for their family to wear each day of the trip. His daughter, Lauren, jumped on board with the idea and created a design for the shirts that included the castle, a heart, and all three family members.


Lauren and Chris worked at drawing and finalizing the design so it would look just right on their shirts.

Five different colors of tshirts were ordered and the day came for making the screen and printing.


Lauren is all dressed up to make her screen for printing.

Lauren prepares to make her tshirt screen. Hummm, those gloves are just a little big!


Lauren waiting for her screen to finish exposing on the light table.

The screen is vaccum sealed to the ultraviolet light exposing table to create the printing stencil.


Dad and daughter washing out the screen. Almost ready for printing.

Chris shows Lauren how to wash out the image in the screen after it's exposed.


After exposed to ultraviolet light, the image is washed out of the screen with water.

The image to be printed on the shirts starts to appear.


Lauren pushing the thick white ink thru the screen with a squeege.

The screen is all set up, then printing starts. Lauren works hard to push the ink thru the screen.


The shirt is printed and ready to run through the high-temp dryer to be cured.

Here's the print, ready to go into the high-temp dryer to be cured before wearing.


The Ciha family modeling the backs of their Disney shirts.

Back design modeled by mom and dad.


The Ciha family modeling the fronts of their Disney shirts.

Fronts of the shirts happily modeled at Animal Kingdom.



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