Journey Of A Custom Cat's Meow

Self-proclaimed DIY-enthusiasts, accidental authors & product designers, John and Sherry Petersik of Richmond, Va re-created his parents home through the Cat's Meow Create Your Own program a few years back. And the neat thing is they shared about it on their blog, Young House Love.



Johns parents moved to Richmond from the home they had lived in for 32 years.

John and his sisters wanted to somehow commemorate the home that had been a huge part of the family for so many years. His mother already collected Cat's Meows of meaningful places in her life.

So when John found out that we could create his parents home through our Create Your Own custom program, he jumped at the opportunity to give a very personal one-of-a-kind gift. 

In fact, he ordered not just 1 but 2 keepsakes of his parents home so they could display one in their new home and the other in their beach cottage. Please go read their complete story. We think you'll enjoy it.


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