Fire Station Orders Cat's Meow Keepsakes

A fire department just five miles down the road

from our factory has been ordering Cat's Meow Village replicas of their building since 1989. Fire Chief, Mark Del Propost, says that they use them for commemorative purposes and fundraising.

"We give them out to dignitaries and friends who visit the station," continued Del Propost. "We sell the Cat's Meows at our Annual Pancake Day fund raiser on the first Saturday in March, and throughout the year at the fire station. We've had five different versions made over the years, starting with the original building, then when we've had building additions, and for our 50th, 60th, and 75th anniversaries."

Del Propost likes his Cat's Meows

"I actually collect Cat's Meows myself," Mark added. "I have 70 different fire related Cat's Meow keepsakes at home. I collect them when I travel around the country, and visit other fire departments."


Wooster Township firefighters holding Cat's Meow replicas of their fire station.

Front of the 75th Anniversary Fire Dept Cat's Meow keepsake   Back of the Cat's Meow replica showing the description and logos
photos by Grace E. Jones Photography
Every Volunteer gets a Cat's Meow
The most recent Cat's Meow keepsake of the fire station includes the 75th Anniversary Edition banner on the front. Del Propost started by giving one to every volunteer of the fire station. The remainder will be used for fund raising and sharing with dignitaries and other fire stations.
[An interesting side note: The three young firemen in these photos have Cat's Meow connections. The center fireman worked for Cat's Meow starting as a Sophmore in High School. The other two firemen are sons of a woman who worked at Cat's Meow in the 90's.]
How Can You Get Your Fire Department Created?
At Cat's Meow Village, we can re-create your Fire Station and even individual vehicles in colorful detail on 3/4" thick wood. You can order from 1 to 1,000's.
Check out other examples of keepsakes we've created and see how you can get started by clicking the link below. All we need is a photo and the wording you want written on the back.



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