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Fate And Cat's Meow

My husband's mother collects Cat's Meow Village pieces. She has hundreds of them at her home in NY. She gives them for gifts, too. Well, one year when my husband was in college, she gave him one of the Cat's Meow pieces for a stocking stuffer. She thought he would like it because it had an Indian on it. Years passed and we met and fell in love. My husband had moved to AZ and when I went to see him, I walked into his bedroom and saw this piece. I freaked out, because I worked about 3 miles from where this piece was representing. What a small world! Hold on, because it gets even smaller. My husband and I got married and had two kids and decided to move back to OH where I grew up to be closer to the grandparents. We looked for a home to buy and ended up finding the perfect home in Chippewa Lake, OH. The Cat's Meow piece is the Chippewa Lake Amusement Park. The arrow on the piece actually pointed to this lake park, which could be seen from our new home. The piece had quite the travels and ended up in the town it represented. Talk about fate.

Kim from Minnesota

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