Family Reunion Shares Cat's Meow Keepsake

Sharing stories is one thing that Cat's Meow keepsakes do best...
that is...helping people share stories, especially when it comes to family reunions. We wanted to share this family story as an inspiration for you or someone you know to do the same with The Cat's Meow Village.
This story starts with Jean...

"When we lived in St. Charles, MO in the early 90’s, my friend, Shirley, introduced me to Cat’s Meow houses.  She has several hundred in her collection and is continually adding pieces. I have about 50 houses relating to different places where we’ve lived, visited, or of a special memory to me." Jean continues, "I have the Snellville, GA  Methodist Church where my brother and his wife were married in the 70’s." 

"When Shirley suggested on Facebook that I might “like” the Cat’s Meow page, I immediately became a “follower”. I kept seeing where the company had branched out and was making people’s personal homes and pets into houses through something called the “Create Your Own” program."


Jean and her husband stopped by Cat's Meow to pick up their family home.

Jean and Faline holding the completed Hutchins-Haskins House.


A little part of Tennessee for everyone!

"In the spring when my cousins started talking about having a Haskins-Bates Reunion, I got the BIG idea of having a Cat's Meow house made of our Grandparent’s home.  That way, each of us could have a “little part of Tennessee” sitting on a shelf in our own homes and when we looked at it, we would remember our wonderful family heritage.  I decided that this would be a GREAT surprise for the Haskins family members to have as a souvenir of the reunion and their TN heritage." So Jean forges ahead.

Says Jean, "My husband, Bill, got on the Cat's Meow website and we began the process of collecting pictures and talking to my cousin, Paul, who owns and lives in the house today.  Part of the history on the back of our house was included in a series of articles “Hundred Year-Old Houses…The Hutchins-Haskins House” by Marian Bailey Presswood published in the Polk County News and the rest was written by me."


Page from a history book provided by Jean & Bill for Cat's Meow to create the design. Additional photo provided that shows colors of the house.

House photos provided by Jean & Bill that were used for the design process.


Finished Cat's Meow wooden keepsake of the Hutchins-Haskins House for their family reunion.

Back of the reunion wooden keepsake with the detailed history written by Jean.

The final front and back designs of the Hutchins-Haskins House created for their family reunion.


How Jean made it happen...

With Cat's Meow you can order as few as one piece for just under $75.00, or more at lower prices. Jean describes her plan, "We paid for the initial cost of the houses and sold them to family members at the reunion for a little less than what they cost us. I also sold a house to the local drug store, newspaper and county historical society in Benton, TN."

"Everyone at the reunion was thrilled to see the Hutchins-Haskins Cat’s Meow House—they were full of questions," said Jean. So at the family meeting Jean explained what Cat’s Meow Houses were and that she had them made for anyone that wanted to purchase one.


Expressions are priceless when seeing the Cat's Meow replica of the historic family home for the first time

Emotions were shared as the Cat's Meow replica of the historic family home was handed out at a family reunion.

Emotions were shared as the Cat's Meow replica of the historic family home was handed out at a family reunion.


Jean goes on, "We sold 50 and I am keeping 25 for my personal gifts, of which Shirley Miles was the first to receive one."

And she proudly states, "The Hutchins-Haskins Cat’s Meow House is the most treasured project that I have ever accomplished! Thanks to Faline Jones and all the GREAT people at Cat’s Meow for offering this personalized one-of-a-kind item!"

We are honored to share Jean's story and how Cat's Meow was a part of her family reunion. Perhaps we could be a part of your reunion, too.




If you are new here, I am Faline Jones, creator and founder

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Outstanding, wonderful article. Thanks so much. Jean & Bill Flinner

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