Displaying your Cat's Meow Collectibles

Honestly, we can never get enough styling tips, placement ideas, and different ways collectors create spaces around their homes to display Cat’s Meows. 


We asked our Facebook commewnity to share how they display their collectibles. 


And, we got MANY responses and appurreciate each and every one of them. Today, we're highlighting 4 neighbors to inspire you!

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We asked these neighbors 4 questions… 

1. How long have you been collecting Cat's Meows?

2. Do you have a favorite piece?

3. Where are they located in your home?

4. Are you looking to add to your collection? If so, what has your eye?


Here is what they had to say and pictures of their collections… 


Jane Carbone

I have been collecting for about 5 years. 

My favorite piece is my custom one that depicts my childhood home. I also really like the Chippewa Lake set. 

I found out about Chippewa Lake by accident and read a lot about it. Then I found the Cat's Meow set.

They are mainly in my sunroom. That is where is spend the majority of my time. I really enjoy looking at them.

I have my eye on the Casper Mardi Gras. I don't know if it is still available but maybe.



Deborah Jacobs Muise

I’ve been collecting for about 29 years.

My 2 favorite pieces are the Kite Loft in Ocean City, MD that I won from you and the other is the Sea Ketch in Hampton Beach, NH, my favorite place to eat.  Oh yeah, I also like my Stockbridge MA Christmas ones.

Most of them are above my archways.  Hubby has some chair rail that he’s going to put up for me.

He collects SEC college football stadiums which will go on them too.

I am always looking to add to my collection. I get a new one every year at Mrs. Mitchell’s in Hampton Beach NH. Also, like the local ones that we visit.



Paul Krause

1. I have been collecting for about 10 years.

2. My absolute favorite is the custom piece of the home we raise our family in. We provided one to each family member as a Christmas gift several years ago. The back reads, “A place of love, joy, laughter, faith, good memories, and incredible family holiday dinners. My favorite travel piece is The Church of All Nations in Israel. I purchased these as a gift for all the group members I took to Israel in 2019.

3. My travel pieces are located on an Amish Ladder hanging above the windows directly across from the entry door to my condo. You can’t miss seeing them as you enter our home. I also have local pieces on a hallway table.

4. Looking to add more local pieces from Ocean Grove, NJ such as the summer tents and Great Auditorium. These would be great additions to the Asbury Park Palace Amusements and Carousel Building that I have on my hallway table. I know I can get these at a store in Ocean Grove, NJ. Lighthouses are also on my list.



Terri Carbaugh Coffelt

Gosh, I’ve lost track but I’ve been collecting them for at least 30 years. I believe my first pieces came from Lewes, DE where we went to the beach every year while I was growing up.

Most of my pieces are over the doorways and windows.

My husband may not agree (lol) but everywhere we travel I look for a Cat’s Meow to add to my collection. I’ll be looking to snag the 40th Anniversary pieces!!



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I have pictures of various ways we display our Cat's Meow pieces. I don't know if you will add to this blog or somewhere else. Becky
Hi Becky, we'd love pictures of your displays, and we'll make sure to share them in various places! Please email photos to bellyrubs@catsmeow.com.

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