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Debra From Pennsylvania Loves Cat's Meow

I started collecting Cats Meow Santa Ornaments in 1982, the year my daughter was born. At that time they were sold at A Country Tradition gift shop in Wooster, Ohio. Eventually the shop stopped selling the ornaments and I started buying them every year at local gift shops. I wanted to find a way to display the ornaments year round, so we bought an artificial tree which we set up permanently in our dining room. I have added a few other special ornaments to the tree over the years, but the main focus of the tree is the Cats Meow Santas. 

I have dozens of Cats Meow pieces that I rotate through out the year depending on the season. The only other permanent Cats Meow display is my Amish village which resides above my French doors in our kitchen. 

I love my collection and enjoy each and every piece I own.

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