Crafting Of An Amish Series

Several times a year, when the weather is nice, Faline will take to the back roads south of The Cat's Meow factory.

Her mission is to find the next buildings to represent her Cat's Meow version of the largest Amish Community in the US. She enjoys sharing the Amish culture through our Cat's Meow Village Amish Collections.

"Sometimes I don't think we realize the uniqueness of our English and Amish cultures living together in Wayne and Holmes Counties," says Faline, "We grow up with each other and do business with each other, but don't realize not everyone in the US has this same experience."

Faline's collection this year includes a horse shoeing business, dry goods store, Amish schoolhouse, a carriage maker, and a cheese house.

Here's a little peek behind the beginning of the design process. We've put together our Cat's Meows and the photos Faline took and used to create the final designs below.

Cat's Meow HorseShoeing shop compared to actual photo


Cat's Meow Miller's Dry Goods store compared to actual photo


Cat's Meow North Bunker Hill School compared to actual photo


Cat's Meow Oak Grove Carriage compared to actual photo


Cat's Meow Amish Country Cheese House compared with photo


3 of the 2015 Cat's Meow Village Amish keepsakes

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