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Carol From PA Gets Casper Hug


Dear Faline,

My husband and I left our house at 6am on Sat. June 30th so we could get to help you celebrate your 30th anniversary. We visited you 2 years ago and I so wanted to come back. I took many pictures that day then left my camera under the driver's seat in the rental car. I was sick to have lost it but a serviceman found it in the car in Florida. He sent it back to me about 3 months later. I was so happy to get my camera and the pictures from the trip.


We got to Wooster a little after 10:30. I bought many pieces and my husband bought me a sweater. We ate in Casper's Cafe and I had my picture taken with Casper, as you can see. I then got you to sign my pieces. It was so nice to see and talk to you and even have my picture taken with you.


Thank you and everyone there for being so nice to us. It was a happy and wonderful trip. I hope to see you on your next anniversary celebration.




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