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To Africa And Back

Earlier this year I wanted to design a Cat's Meow Map of Africa, mostly because of the long-term missionaries and short-term mission trips many of the members of my church take to Kenya every year. As of yet, I've not made the trip, but plan to do that within the next handful of years! So, creating a map of Africa, for now, is the next best thing I can do to feel a little involved with the good works happening there.

The history of Africa is long...and deep...and at times, dark. But good things are happening all over the continent when you take time to look, listen, and learn. For instance, my friend, Sandi Stoltzfus, is involved with Amani Ya Juu, a sewing and training program for marginalized women in Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, and Liberia. The women at Amani are learning to work together through faith in God who provides "amani ya juu" (peace from above in Swahili) that transcends all cultural and ethnic differences.

photo via Amani Ya Juu Facebook

photo via Amani Ya Juu

As a woman business-owner, I get excited when I see women helping women to make better lives for themselves and their children. Amani Ya Juu is just one organization around the world that makes that happen. And so, this is how I can be involved with my Africa missionary friends in doing good things. With every sale of my Cat's Meow Africa Map, I will give 10% as my"our" part in making good things happen to marginalized women in Africa.


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