8 Story Styles For Your Heirloom Cat's Meow

Investing in a wooden replica of your home takes a little planning.

You know the photos you want to take (or find) for the front design


have you thought about what the story on the back should say?

We don't want to pile on the purressure, we just want you to be delightfully happy with your finished house portrait. Below are 8 examples to get your creative juices flowing as you begin to craft your story.


Most Importantly

Make It Yours! Use Your Voice!

Every family speaks a unique language.



[names and addresses have been changed in the examples below to protect the innocent and guilty]



#1 Write About Family Including A Funny Story


The Morrison Family Home

361 Tanglewood Drive

For 30 years the Morrison's raised a family in this house. During this time, the house hosted many neighborhood kids coming over to play as well as countless video game parties lasting late into the night. Through it all, Bob and Shirley always kept the house together (even after that one time Grace tried to burn it down with a curling iron).



#2 Write About Family And Pets


4271 Warm Springs Drive

Rockville, MD

This cherished house was built in 1994 and has been home to Marlene, Laura, and Austin Stanford along with their beloved dogs Keisha, Lucy, and Sugar. This is where Marlene’s heart is happiest. Home is truly where the heart is!



#3 Use A Favorite Bible Verse Or Poem


The Jones Family

74231 Honeytown Road

Apple Creek, OH 44606

PROVERBS 24:3-4  By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures.


~ ~ OR ~ ~


Example of the story Spencer's wrote for the back of their Cat's Meow heirloom home.

The Spencer's

840 Terrace Drive

A family is made of love and tears, laughter and years. It grows stronger with the passing of time. More precious with the making of memories.

Roger, Sue, Timmy & Elizabeth continue to make precious memories in this home.



#4 Combine Family History With A Bible Verse Or Poem


323 Everhardt Road

Columbus, Georgia

For almost 45 years, 323 Everhardt Road was a wonderful home for Dennis and Mary Martin and their family. Cherished memories include raising their children, Edward, Jenny, and Mitchell; holidays and family gatherings; high school and college graduations; three weddings; successful careers and retirements; and 10 beautiful grandchildren. It was a home full of love, silliness, and kind hearts. God has blessed Dennis and Mary for their faithfulness throughout the generations as they truly lived out, “As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”



#5 Keep It Simple

Example of a personal heirloom Cat's Meow home with a simple story on the back.

The Stutzman Residence

4312 Emerson Road

Marysville, VA

This home was loved by Mike, Pam, Laurie, Chris, and Martin Stutzman since 1986.


~ ~OR~ ~


465 Bay Drive

Cinnamon Lake, Oregon

“Heaven seems a little closer in a house beside the water”



#6 Tell About A New Beginning


Molly and Jerry’s First Home

Sperry Creek, NC

Year 2016

Molly and Jerry moved here to beautiful North Carolina from New York to start a new life in a new state. Both families are very proud of them. They are two beautiful intelligent people who are going places in life. Love, Mom & Dad Rogers and Momma Stenger



#7 Share About The Past

Example of a Cat's Meow personal home listing their family tree.

Create a family tree list of who grew up in your house. Include birthdates and married names.


~ ~ OR ~ ~


Mildred Kline's Childhood Home

269 Marshall Street

Westburg, New York

This is where it all began for Bill, Ellen, Cora, Earl & Mildred Kline. This house may no longer be standing, but it will always survive in our hearts.



#8 Mix House History With Family History


173 E. Main Street

Warren, Indiana

The original house was built in 1917 and was the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Numbers. In 1937 Great Grandpa and Grandma Ray bought the house and 3 generations have grown up here. The house was originally weather beaten shingles and was remodeled to clapboard in the 1980’s. All around the property are hundreds of daffodils originally planted by Great Grandma Ray. Easter and Christmas dinners have been our family traditions in this house since 1937.


~ ~ OR ~ ~


"Seaweed House" 1930-2017

333 West 17th Street

Ship Bottom NJ 08008 (39.647377,-74.185721)

The Seaweed House was built somewhere on the Mainland then shipped over by barge on the bay. Originally having insulation made from seaweed is where it received it's nickname. Initially having studs made from small tree trunks and 6 foot ceilings in the main living area. Purchased in 1947 by the Reed's as a tear down. Remodeled many times throughout the years. It survived the LBI's harshest storms including the Hurricane of 1944, the 1962 Northeaster, The 1992 storm, and lastly Superstorm Sandy 2012 when 32" of water inundated the interior.



We hope these real life stories fill you with ideas of what to write on the back of your purrrsonal Cat's Meow heirloom home replica. NOW, click on the link below to start creating a replica of your home!


Tap here to start creating your Heirloom Cat's Meow home





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