13 Distinct Ways To Arrange Your Cat's Meows @ Home

Take a virtual tour of our Cat's Meow Citizens home arrangements. The following thirteen examples are "real life photos" entered into our #catsmeowpostapalooza Facebook and Instagram Bragging Rights Event.


Beach-Boardwalk theme:

As a child, my parents, sister and I always went to Ocean City, Maryland.  As a teenager with a friend and her family,  I also went to Fenwick Island, Delaware.  As an adult, because my parents moved to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, that location became my vacation place with my husband.  I have purchased many Cat’s Meow items for those areas and on two (2) ledges at the landing leading upstairs, I display all of them.  I created a boardwalk with sand underneath and have accessorized all with seagulls and parking meters.  At Christmas, I embellish the whole thing with lamp post lights and strands of miniature colored lights on the boardwalk.  As my mother passed away at Beebe Hospital in Lewes, DE, I also purchased the Cat’s Meow Beebe Hospital and it is also displayed on the ledge. ~Caryl Z.


Amanda P. shows off her Cat's Meows in a unique shadowbox hung in an alcove in her home.


Elaine B. stacked 2 Ladder Shelves on the wall, then filled them with her favorite Cat's Meows.


Jennifer W. adds Cat's Meows into her themed settings around her home. She's added a Purrsonalized Dog House and custom made Greyhound keepsake to her Greyhound ledge. And our Fingerlakes Map fits right in with Jennifer's wine memorabilia.


Karen S. found the purrfect ledge in her home to perch her Cat's Meows. The white wall really brings focus to her keepsakes. A glance up as she walks through the doorway brings back memories of trips she's taken over the years.


Kristy H. hung 2 of our Snowy Night Ledge Shelves side by side to show off her glittery It's A Wonderful Life Collection. We love how she added the wooden sign to top off her collection.


Margaret F. has tucked in Cat's Meows into rooms all over her home. A fireplace mantel is an easy spot to build a Village. And her lighthouse set up is unique with its picket fence and seashells to complete the theme.


Mary H. shows how a simple hallway can come to life with Cat's Meows perched on the trim above her doorways. (Using a little sticky tac can help secure them from falling when a door is closed) A skinny hallway shelf is a great location for more Cat's Meows. 


Robin B. uses molding painted the same color as her wall to create a floor to ceiling Village in her hallway.


Traci W. shows how a piano makes a great spot for Cat's Meows.


Debbie S. has Cat's Meows flowing from room to room in her log home. A ledge just out of reach is easy to keep all her collection within eyesight, but out of the daily clutter of living.


Gail R. shows how 3 Snowy Night Shelves filled with the North Pole Village Collection fills in the space above her couch.


Jane C. added her Cat's Meows to the ledge above her double doors and tucks them into her bookshelves to add interest.


How about you?

Are you just learning about Cat's Meow and how to arrange the Village in your home? Or are you a long time Village Citizen? We welcome your photos, thoughts, and questions in the comments below. Thanks for scrolling through our Citizen's photos. They take great pride in their collections!



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